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Hardware Services - Pro PC Tuner®

Hardware Services

Part Upgrade/Install

The art of the PC upgrade is simultaneously an expression and a test of one's diagnostic skills, computing savvy, and fiscal sensibilities. Identify the bottleneck. Research the parts that will fix the bottleneck. Remove the bottleneck. As always, price and performance are the pivot points. After all, you can't just toss $1,000 at your system. Well, you can, but in most cases you'd be a fool for doing so. Have the power to play new games. Burn DVD's faster. Increase the memory so you can run multiple programs at the same time even faster and more efficient. Increase your hard drive storage to hold more of your multimedia collections. Enhance your audio to HD surround output.

Computer Installation

Computer setup and installation including hardware, software, or other peripherals can be time-consuming and frustrating. We can help you eliminate this pain and frustration! If you need help installing or setting up hardware, software on your computer? Our on-site techs can assist you with installing programs you might have, including anti-virus software and security applications, in addition to the most recent Microsoft operating system updates.

Our installation process we adopted is a structured, systematic methodology that has evolved from our lessons learned in prior installations. Successful adherence to established installation schedules is only obtained when precursor activities of acquisition, distribution, client site schedule coordination, and personnel deployment are appropriately coordinated.

Home Theater Installation

We provide highly customized home theater design & installation services all over. We have nearly two decades of experience providing personal professional services to clients seeking all levels of home theater design and setup. We will work hard to ensure that you get a system that meets all of your needs while staying within your budget. Whether you're in the market for custom home theater installation, service or sales of home theater or home entertainment system products, or just need a good design......we can ABSOLUTELY help!

What We Do:

  • Inspect your home theater equipment for damage or defects.
  • Help you plan what should go where for the best possible home theater experience.
  • Determine if any extra work is needed (we’ll always tell you and give you an estimate before we start).
  • Maximize the HD picture and sound quality.
  • Bundle connections behind components for a clean, sleek look.
  • Test your system to ensure it performs the way it should.


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